Design Your Own Figurehead

Design Your Own Figurehead


Legend has it that figureheads bring good luck to sailors and those who sail with them. 
Before you set out on the water, add the finishing touches to your boat and design your own figurehead with our help.

How can I design my own figurehead?
 us a photo of your family dog, your favourite animal or your lucky charm, and we'll design a custom figurehead just for you.

The history of the figurehead...
A figurehead is a carved wooden figure placed at the prow or front of a ship, often representing a human or a real or mythological animal. The figurehead was most popular on European ships during the 16th through 19th centuries. A figurehead was typically ornately carved and painted, and often depicted the name of the ship. Figureheads are usually, though not always, female - much like the names of ships.

The figurehead of the European sailing ships has ancient origins. The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks painted eyes on the front of their boats to ward off evil spirits. In the Roman era, full-length figures of gods and goddesses often adorned the front of ships. The dragons on the front and back of Viking ships can also be seen as precursors to the figurehead.

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